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Pratt Health Foundation

Supporting PRMC

Our Mission

The mission of the Pratt Health Foundation is to promote health and raise funds for PRMC. Our work facilitates the provision of current and future medical care in our communities.

Our Story

In 1990, visionary members of our community formed the Pratt Health Foundation. Since then, the generosity of our donors has allowed us to invest in medical equipment, physician recruitment, and community health care projects. These investments allow us to provide high-quality medical care to the communities we serve in South Central and Southwest Kansas.

In recent years, donations to the Pratt Health Foundation have allowed us to:

  • Invest in medical equipment for PRMC’s Family Birth Suites, allowing us to provide superior care for mothers and newborn infants.
  • Offer expanded services at our women’s clinics in Pratt, Dodge City, and Kinsley, including specialized care for pelvic floor disorders.
  • Grow our team of orthopedic surgeons, making PRMC a regional destination for orthopedic care and rodeo medicine.
  • Expand our orthopedic services to provide care at clinics in Pratt, Dodge City, and Liberal.

Our medical center, clinics, and affiliated hospitals serve the people of South Central and Southwest Kansas with excellent, compassionate healthcare. Because we live here, too.

Make a Gift

By making a donation to the Pratt Health Foundation, you can make a real difference in our community. If you would like to make a secure financial contribution to the Pratt Health Foundation, please use the button below. We appreciate your contributions.

Other Ways to Give

Bequest Gifts

We encourage individuals and families to consider a bequest gift through a will or estate. No-cost, no-obligation consulting services are offered to individuals who need assistance in the formulation of their will or estate plan. For additional information, please contact PHF Executive Director DeWayne Bryan at (620) 672-6411.

Learn More

To learn more about the foundation, find us on Facebook or call (620) 672-6411.

The Festival of Lights

Another way to give is through the annual Festival of Lights, which happens every holiday season. For many, the Festival of Lights is an opportunity to honor loved ones and friends.

FOL 2023 gifts will purchase two Fetal Heart Monitors for the PRMC LDRP Department which delivers over 220 babies annually. Monitoring a baby’s heart rate helps determine stress during pregnancy and the delivery process enabling an appropriate medical response. The “Keep the Beat” monitors will cost $42,734.

The Pratt Health Foundation is thankful for the generosity of its donors. Proceeds will provide needed equipment for PRMC’s Birthing Suites.

2023 Festival of Lights Donors


2023 Festival of Lights

The Pratt Health Foundation is thankful for the generous gifts to the “Keep the Beat” project.

Regular Type – Gifts under $49; Bold Type – Gifts under $99; * denotes gifts of $100 or more



Richard Lee Allison*; Annie Antholz*; Earl E. & Marie L. Armstrong*; Justin C. Bailey; Sam Bailey; Carter Barker*; Marjorie Barker*; Patsy & Don Blankenship*; Gary Blasi; Lorraine Blasi;

Richard Blasi; Jackie Bonner; A. R. Bohrer; Chris Bohrer; Deb Bruce; Jack Derald Campbell;

Willard H. & Beth Cary; Dave & Lillian Colyn*; Helen & Elmer Cross*; Lothair & Carol Dauner*; Troy Wayne Derley*; Dale DeWeese*; Bob Doolittle*; Wallace & Bess Doolittle; Dreitz Family;

Helen Eck; Steve Eck; Charles “Pop” & Carol “Grammy” Eubank*; Elmer & Alice Ferguson;

Emery & Bernadine Flaherty*; Harold & Kate Flory*; McKenzie Grace Galle*;

Gamma Beta #4434 members; Jessica Gatz*; John Charles Gimpel; Delores Goyen*; Lester Goyen*;

Kim Gray-Bloom; Kent Griffith*; Opal Guthridge; Dave & Cathy Hamilton; Reginald D. Harrison*; Orval & Florine Hartsell; Julie Hassig*; Don & Dollie Hayes*; Charlene Henderson; Jason Henderson; Richard Hitz; Bill Hlavachick*; Joshua Ryan Jacobs*; Annette Jay; K. C. Jorns*; Everett Keller;

Jess Kennedy; Merle & Lois Kennedy; Fred H. & Eleanor Kerr*; Jim & Jean Knight*;

Wanda & Richard Konold*; Sam Krehbiel*; Randy S. McAtee*; James & Dorothy McDiffet;

Bud & Pauline McManaman*; Vicky Maechtlen*; Willard & Maxine Melroy; David Meyer*;

Jack Meyers; Gene Neelly; Charles & Cora Belle Novotny*; Eunice Pagenkopf; Dale Parsons*;

Norman & Happy Pearson; Betty Piester; Beulah Proctor*; Walter Proctor*; Raymond A. Rauhut*;

Willa Rexroad*; Brette Riley*; Frank Rinkel*; Katherine Rinkel*; Lou Jean & Dale Rosenbaum; Harold Schmidt; James Schmidt; Schmisseur Family; Donna Scott; Richard & Melba Scott*;

Bob & Aleda Sears*; Jim Shriver; Velma Simmons; L. G. & Elsie Simon*; Beth & Curt Skaggs*;

Mary Alice Smith; Bobbe & Jud Stanion*; Marilyn Stewart*; Jacob P. & Hilma M. Stofer;

Dwayne & Delores Stroda; Nila Swayze*; Richard Tatro*; Jean Titus*; Don Trinkle*;

Roy & Lillie Trinkle*; Dr. James Van Blaricum*; Vi Wagner; Diane Watson;

Orville & Marjorie Watson; Rochelle Westerhaus*; Al & Elva Williams; Edna L. Wheatley*;

Jim & Ila Whitaker; Jo Ann Whitaker; Meredith L. Whitaker; Marilyn & Clifford Wilt*; Darlene Woelk*; James Young*


2023 Festival of Lights – Honorariums

2023 Festival of Lights – Honorariums

Bret Armstrong; Jean Bailey; Brandon & Jackie Forssberg*; Dr. Wakon Fowler*;

Mark Hamm; Meryl & Justin Masterson; Carra Mayberry*;

PRMC*; PRMC Volunteers; Dorothy Trinkle

* denotes gifts of $100 or more

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