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Community Care Starts with Community

As a community hospital, it is important that we prioritize our role in contributing to the community. PRMC employees are actively involved in various civic and service organizations, and we also contribute to community events and services.

In addition, we offer our meeting rooms free-of-charge to support groups and service organizations.

We believe that everyone should receive care, regardless of their ability to pay, which is why we provide care to all patients at PRMC.

PRMC’s commitment to community care also extends to charity care and the unpaid costs of public programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, which are funded through a portion of the funds set aside for community benefits and services. Let’s continue to work together to strengthen our community and ensure that everyone has access to the care they need.

Support from the Community

The tradition of community support began in 1948 when members of the Pratt community contributed funds to purchase medical equipment and patient room furniture for the opening of the hospital. The tradition of giving to PRMC continues, enabling the hospital to keep up with advances in medical and health technology.

Foundations that have supported PRMC

  • The Gifts and Bequests Committee was founded on April 14, 1975, to advise the public concerning the needs of the hospital for lifesaving and healthcare facilities and equipment. As of September 1999, The Gifts and Bequests Committee had accepted $1,000,000 in donations.
  • Pratt Health Foundation (PHF) was founded on June 12, 1990, to promote and fund medical equipment, health projects, and health programs. PHF also provides professional, no-cost, no-obligation estate planning for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of dispersing estate assets.
  • The PRMC Auxiliary, now known as PRMC Volunteers, was organized in 1977 to help provide a caring atmosphere at PRMC. Dedicated volunteers have contributed thousands of hours of volunteer services and annually sponsor several fundraising events for the benefit of the hospital.