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Board of Directors

PRMC Board of Directors

Bill Keller, Chair

Becca Flowers, Vice-Chair

Luis Espinoza, M.D., Chief of Staff

Gary Barker

J. Wakon Fowler, M.D.

Scott Gordon, D.P.M.

Lorin Haas

Dakota Holtgrieve

Suzanne Moore

Josh Nicolay

Jeanette Siemens



PRMC Board of Directors and Pratt County Hospital Board

The PRMC Board of Directors and Pratt County Hospital Board work together to ensure accountability to the community. The lease agreement between the two entities has been in place since 1988. The Pratt County Hospital Board is responsible for maintaining the grounds, major fixed mechanical systems, and the exterior of the PRMC Main Campus, while the PRMC Board of Directors oversees the overall management of the center.

County Hospital Board of Trustees

Jack Galle, Chairman
Lorin Haas
Gary Barker
Chris Roenbaugh
Marc Rundell

The County Hospital Board is responsible for the lease of the buildings to the management board. Pratt Regional Medical Center, Inc. manages the medical center with an eleven-member board of directors. The PRMC board manages the business operation of PRMC. This board determines the hospital’s vision, mission, and strategy. The board works with senior management to oversee essential healthcare provision to the people of Pratt County and the surrounding region. PRMC, Inc. receives no tax dollars to operate the medical center.