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Hospital safety - why we do what we do

At Pratt Regional Medical Center, your health and safety are our highest priorities. That's why we strive to meet and maintain national goals and standards for patient safety.

By setting safety goals, we focus our efforts on a variety of important issues. For instance, we take steps to:

  • Communicate with your safety in mind. This includes repeating and verifying orders concerning your care. Your test results are communicated as soon as possible to the appropriate doctor or care provider.
  • We take steps to ensure that the information exchanged among those involved in your care is both accurate and thorough (for example, when transferring care from one nurse to another).
  • Verify your identity. We double-check your name and birth date to make sure that you receive the appropriate care.
  • Make sure that medications are given correctly and safely by utilizing bar code scanning when administering medications to patients.
  • Prevent the spread of infections by emphasizing and monitoring the effectiveness of handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers.
  • We survey our staff (using a safety culture survey) to find out how we can improve on patient safety practices. Gathering ideas and input from caregivers can lead to great ideas and improvements. The survey helps ensure we have a non-punitive approach to safety concerns and welcome all opportunities for improvement. 
  • We participate in the Hospital Engagement Network, which is a volunteer national patient safety project, through the Partnership for Patients campaign to improve quality, safety, and affordability of health care. Over the last three years this network has prevented over 92,000 harms with an estimated cost savings of $988 million. 

How you can help - Of course, one of the most important ways to ensure your safety is for you to take an active role in your own health care.

We encourage you to get involved by taking the following steps:

Communicate. Ask questions - and keep asking, if needed, until you fully understand the answers. You can learn more about your condition and treatments by talking to your doctor or nurses.

Be proactive. Find out the results of any tests and procedures you have. If you don't get the results in a timely manner, call your doctor. Discuss the results and what they mean for your health and your care.

Learn all you can. If you need surgery, talk out the details with your doctor and surgeon. Ask what exactly will take place, how long the surgery is expected to last, what will happen after the surgery and who will manage your care while you're in the hospital.

Keep your health care team informed. Tell your doctor and your pharmacist about all the medications you take, whether prescription or over-the-counter, as well as any allergies or reactions you have to medicines. They also need to know about any dietary supplements you take, such as vitamins and herbs.

Working together, we can help ensure that your health care is as safe as possible and of the highest quality. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your care, please give us a call at (620) 672-7451.
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